Interactive Site Plan

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Interactive Site Plan is currently in beta testing mode.

Please get in touch if you're interested in any of the following Units. Quick viewing can be arranged at your earliest convenience.
UNIT 1: 1392 sq ft Situated on a ground floor, can be used as a storage, industrial unit or normal office space, has separate kitchen and toilets.
UNIT 4: 1523 sq ft 2-storeys (ground and first floor). Has a perfect loading access, can be used as a storage with working space on first floor. This Unit has a separate kitchen and front&rear entrances.
UNIT 13: 1355 sq ft - ground floor. Perfect for both warehousing needs and normal office spaces.
UNIT 25: 2730 sq ft - 1st floor. Ideal office space for up to 30 people. Has separate kitchen room and powerful air conditioner.
UNIT 26 A-B-C-D: This set of Units are based on 2nd floor and can be let as one Unit 3310 sq ft in total, otherwise smaller options are available in this divided-into-four collection of modern office spaces.
UNIT 30: 937 sq ft - 2nd floor. Ideal for office space. Has communal kitchen and toilets.

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